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In the respect of the private life and the law, we help you to maintain your living environment in the conditions that you like. We help you to fight against incivilities, we allow you to fight legally against these authors to protect your privacy, in the respect of the law.

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Tool to fight against illegal dumping

In the country or in the city, we help you fight against illegal dumping. Our mobile and efficient devices allow you to identify the polluters quickly and to put an end to these troubles.

Karroad helps you to stop incivilities

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Stopping uncivil behaviour

Our solutions are here to help you stop the constant incivilities. We're here to help you save time and focus on the important things.

Protecting privacy

Video surveillance is a good tool. To fight against incivilities, video surveillance is not a suitable tool. Our tools respect your privacy, your image will not be taken if you do not report incivility.

Improve the living environment

Your living environment is important: your condominium, your city are important elements. Our solutions are geared towards ensuring that these living environments are not soiled.

Automatic system

Mobile, autonomous and invisible, our devices are effective in tracking down the perpetrators of incivilities.


Automatic fight against illegal dumping and other incivilities

Automatic, Immediate, Privacy and abuse protection

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