Cameras to fight illegal dumping?


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In recent months, the issue of illegal dumps has become almost a national concern. Every year, tons of waste are dumped illegally on roadsides, sidewalks and other public places. This poses a serious threat to for our environment and also endangers the lives of people who encounter this waste and are obliged to deal with them. To curb this threat, several cities have installed CCTV cameras at strategic points in their respective areas. And these cameras had an immediate effect from day one! Reports suggest that over 26 million hours of footage of illegally dumped waste have been captured to date, leading to the arrest of around 5,000 people involved in illegal dumping activities per month. If you would like to read other articles such as



Video surveillance cameras and public safety: A winning combination!

If you're looking for the best way to keep your employees safe and make them feel more secure in their working environment, installing CCTV cameras in your business premises is a great idea. CCTV systems are an excellent way to deter and identify suspects, manage your workforce and create a safe working environment.

Today, more and more companies are integrating video surveillance cameras into their security systems.

What you will learn in this article

  • Public awareness and willingness to report incidents: The impact of CCTV on public safety.
  • Types of video surveillance systems - What they are and how they work
  • The importance of reliable video surveillance systems
  • Installation of video surveillance cameras in key locations
  • Conclusion


Types of video surveillance systems

  • Closed circuit television
  • Microwave security cameras
  • Digital video recorder (DVR)
  • Mobile surveillance cameras
  • Conclusion

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