that ruins your day

You live in condominium?


Identify those who are doing the incivilities.

Automatic detection and warning device for incivilities in your condominium

Our solution is a camera that only takes pictures if it detects an incivility:

- garbage dump

- against the grain

- dog droppings,...

He will send you the photos immediately (to the union council, the syndic, the cleaning company).







Photo of a solution Karroad
equipped with a batterrie device.

Demonstration detection of illegal dumping.

Our box is installed in your garbage room, in your common areas or in your green spaces. 

It only takes pictures of abnormal behaviors (litter, garage doors, ...) and automatically warns the union council, the syndic and all persons or entities that you decide.


Legally, it is a camera and not a video surveillance camera


Easy to install

our solution will make you make savings on your expenses and will improve your living environment.

Dog waste, Garbage disposal, Garage door


How does it work?

Detection anywhere and

warns everyone automatically

No human intervention required

Works in autonomy or on existing video protection system


anti-littering scheme

Once identified, the system allows you to identify if the author is internal or external to your residence.

If it is part of your residenceIf the owner of the property is not satisfied with the condition of the property, the union council or the trustee may send him the invoice for the restoration upon the decision of the union council.

If it is external to your residence, file a complaint with admissible evidence.

Send the photos at authorized persons

Save money

Improve your living environment

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