Tool to fight against dog waste

In condominiumWhether you're in the city or on the highway, our tools help you know who, when and how much dog waste is being dumped and not picked up.

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dog waste
Karroad has developed a patented tool to fight against dog waste.

Autonomous and privacy protectorit allows you to know where, when and how much dog waste is generated.

The device is autonomous. It can be installed in your space (be it a park, a square, or a condominium). 

The system is patentedThis allows us to provide you with an excellent level of service.

It allows you toidentify the perpetrator.

Thanks to our system, Fight effectively with the only tool against dog waste, in the city or in condominiums.


Karroad helps you stop dog messes

Stopping uncivil behaviour

Our solutions are here to help you stop the constant incivilities. We're here to help you save time and focus on the important things.

Protecting privacy

Video surveillance is a good tool. To fight against incivilities, video surveillance is not a suitable tool. Our tools respect your privacy, your image will not be taken if you do not report incivility.

Improve the living environment

Your living environment is important: your condominium, your city are important elements. Our solutions are geared towards ensuring that these living environments are not soiled.

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What other tools are available to fight dog waste?

To date, we know of 3 established devices.

The Karroad solution

The Karroad solution allows you to identify who is the indelicate owner who does his business. It also makes it possible to know when he did it and where he did it.

The karroad solution sends a report or a notification to the right person immediately.

The Karroad solution allows to know who is the indelicate owner.


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poop control solution
dog defecating on the sidewalk


In order to fight against dog wastea large part of the work is done through education.

The gutter it is the only authorized place of comfort for a dogSo the task is not so simple.

The law prohibits dogs all places other than the gutter: the public highway, as well as sidewalks, lawns in public gardens and playgrounds are prohibited. 

The failure to comply with this prohibition is subject to a fine for the owner of the dog from 35 € to 450 €. as determined by municipal by-laws.

The repression

In Paris, France, a decree makes it compulsory, under penalty of a 150 € fine, to immediately pick up your dog's waste by any means, regardless of where in the public space it was deposited, even in the gutter.

A Neuilly sur Seine, more than 52 million tons of dog waste are treated each year.

The impact on the communities as well as the owner is very significant.

Indeed, the owner can be held criminally liable. For example, ifIf the dog produces a dropping, and a passerby slips, the dog owner may be held responsible.

It is advisable to insure dogs specifically for this purpose. You are encouraged to check your civil liability in case of accidents caused by your pets.


fine dog of canine dejections police

What about condominiums?


Condominiums, like sidewalks, are subject to the droppings of dogs that have not been educated by their indelicate owners. These incivilities can seriously deteriorate neighborhood relations.



There are 7.9 million condominiums in France, and dog waste and bulky items are a source of embarrassment and recurrent neighborhood conflicts.

If the droppings are on private property, in a condominium, don't hesitate to have the syndic notice the dog droppings. The latter can intervene and help you deal with the problem.

Indeed, in co-ownership, there may be a internal regulations which states among others that the divagation of the animals is prohibited on the privative parts, that those must be held in lead and taken outside the joint ownership for their excrements.

It is on this basis that the syndic can take action for non-compliance with the rules of the co-ownership.

It is impossible that the condominium (in France) prohibits the possession of dogs.

However, identifying the owner of the author may seem complicated.

Our device can intervene in a co-ownership, do not hesitate to contact us contact. We will be happy to answer you.

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