Karroad develops tools to enableimprove computer image analysis and to adapt to your specific case.

 Our job is to solve your problems thanks to computer vision. We treat as well the images that the signals from sensors by computer.

We are specialized in automatic image processingit is called the Computer Vision. We also offer solutions adapted to your needs. We solutionnons of the problems that involve vision or sensors repeatedly.

Contact us for discuss the solutions we can offer you.

 Karroad responds to requests from industrialists or private clients who wish to solve their problems through computer image analysis.

We offer audits, feasibility studies, development of specific neural models, research or/and creation of datasets, help with labeling, development of complete applications based on image recognition.

We have dealt with issues in different environments.

We work with strict respect for the privacy of all those involved.

We are at your disposal for any questions.
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 Expertise in artificial intelligence
  Karroad offers you its expertise in artificial intelligence, specifically in computer vision (computer vision development ). 
 The use of systems  intelligence expert artificial has become common in decision making. Indeed, the computing power of computers having strongly increased, the costs have become lower. The design of neural networks is no longer science fiction.

Karroad develops applications for these private customers, in compliance with legal constraints.

  We help you from the constitution of the pre-project phase to the pure design phase: constitution and validation of datasets (labelling included), to the design of neural networks to improve or design your expert systems.

The solutions of computers vision that we have developed cover broad topics, we will be happy to discuss them with you.

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