Fight litter to protect the environment! 10 Tips

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Littering is one of the biggest contributors to pollution and smog in cities. It also has a huge impact on our environment, as it contains harmful substances like oil, gum and candy wrappers that end up staying in the soil for long periods of time. The good news? Littering is something we can all help with. With just a few simple changes, we can all protect our cities and the environment by following these litter-free tips:

Don't litter!

The first and most obvious tip in dealing with litter is not to litter in the first place. When it comes to trash, people are often far less careful than they are with their food. After all, we put trash in trunks and on the sides of roads, but we don't throw our food out of windows. If you are going to be littering, try to do so carefully. If you are going to throw something away, be sure it's not something you would be upset about if it went missing or got dirty. If you see someone littering, tell them to be careful and put it back.

Use a trash can

Trash cans make garbage bins into litter bins, as they are often placed in public areas. Use one in your workplace and in your neighbourhood, as well as in parks and schools. If you don't have one, ask your neighbour to keep an eye out for one. If you don't have one in your community, ask your local government to consider installing them.

Walk, bike or take public transport

Cycling and walking are great for your health, and are a great way to get to know your city and its residents. If you have the option, use public transport whenever possible. Why? Because it eliminates the need to drive and is a much greener way to get around. It reduces emissions from cars, as well as air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels. It is also a way to become more environmentally friendly, as it helps reduce the amount of trash that is produced.

Educate others on the dangers of littering

When you are out and about, educate those around you on the dangers of littering. There are numerous ways to do this, like by challenging people to put their litter away, or by refraining from littering and encouraging others not to as well. When you see littering taking place, tell the person not to litter or put the litter out. If you witness people littering, tell them to stop and put the trash away.

Take your own reusable shopping bags with you when you shop

Shopping bags are often the source when people get too much trash on the ground, so taking your own reusable bag with you when you go shopping can help reduce the amount of trash that gets left behind. Why not also ask your supermarket, cafe or other shop to provide you with one of their own? If you don't have your own reusable bag, consider getting one from a thrift store or charity shop.

Join an organised group activity like a walking club or running group

There are plenty of walking clubs and running groups that you can join in your community. Why not consider joining one? These will provide you with plenty of reasons to get active, as well as help you meet other like-minded individuals who are also trying to be more environmentally friendly. There are some walking clubs that will also hold regular litter clean-ups in the community. Why don't you consider signing up for one of these? It will not only help keep your city clean, but will also give you a great opportunity to meet new people, socialise and make connections with your community.

Organize a community clean-up day

If you are part of a community organization, why not organize a community clean-up day? This can be done by getting a group of people together and organizing a clean-up day in the community. Get a list of areas that need to be cleaned up and post signs marking the areas. This is another great way to get involved in your community and make a difference, as well as learn about the environmental problems that may be present in your city.


"Littering is an act of disrespect towards your city and the people who live in it by leaving trash behind." As you can see, littering is something that we all have the power to prevent. It is important to keep our cities and environments clean, as they are the places we all call home. Littering is a serious issue that can harm the environment, as well as people's health. If you see someone littering, tell them to put the trash away and help keep your city clean. There are plenty of ways you can get involved and make a difference.

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