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Presentation of Karroad

 Karroad is based in Sophia Antipolis between Nice and Cannes. We have customers all over France. Our job is to solve your problems thanks to computer vision. We treat as well the images that the signals from sensors by computer.

We are specialized in automatic image processingit is called the Computer Vision. We also offer solutions adapted to your needs. We solutionnons of the problems that involve vision or sensors repeatedly.

We believe that technology must protect the privacy of citizens

Artificial intelligence applied to images does not mean a loss of privacy. Ethical means of privacy protection can be deployed.


The technology should not be seen only as a loss of freedom. It must be seen as a gain in freedom and the ability to focus on more important tasks.

Focus on your solutions, not the technology

karroad client listening computer image analysis

Our job has two aspects, mastering the technology and especially knowing how to discuss with you.

Understand which technology is best suited to address the problem(s) you wish to solve.

We will never make a display of our techniques, we will only talk about solutions that we have managed to find.

We are above all people who listen to you, before prescribing a solution.

Any questions? More information?

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