Road traffic analysis tool

Road traffic analysis tool with AI that allows a detailed analysis of each vehicle (natinality, passage occurrences, commuting traffic) in real time and in compliance with legal constraints.

Karroad has developed a advanced traffic analysis tool.

The Karroad device connects to your video surveillance system and iidentifies each vehicle unlike its competitors that analyze traffic without being able to discern the vehicles. We can identify nationalities, the occurrences of passage and commuting traffic in real time!

The origin-destination survey normally performed by humans can be done here by an autonomous system. The analysis tool can run continuously and is no longer limited by the human factor.

Thanks to our system, set up a real plug reduction policy and creation of Low Emission Zone ( EPZ or LEZ).

Respecting privacy of its user, our system does not use any private data!

What other tools are there for understanding traffic?

There are many tools to fight against clogs. We are going to present you the main ones. 

Pneumatic tubes

Pneumatic tubes represent a solution to analyze road traffic. They provide, in autonomy, the number of vehicles, type of vehicles (with a margin of error) and the time of passage.

They are autonomous in electricity, reliable, and relatively insensitive to degradation.

Pneumatic tubes are the answer to the fight against traffic jams, however, the information is not delivered in real time. 

camera trap

The origin / destination survey

origin-destination survey

A second solution to understand how a hub works is to understand what the flows are, and touse origin / destination surveys. For this, it is necessary to of the workforce (usually temporary workers) that will perform the task.

We will not detail the problems encountered, but we can easily imagine them.

Our device allows you to perform these tasks over a long period of time.

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