5 types of Stop or No Flytipping Signs


Tired of seeing unauthorized dumping on public roads or private property, you've thought about putting up prohibition signs to remind people of the law. After all, illegal dumping is inexcusable. 

Do you want to try a reminder to the law to reaffirm that it is just not possible to deposit your garbage everywhere? Indeed, people do not always respect the collection of waste, whether in the city or in condominiums. Household waste can be found everywhere, scattered on the ground in the garbage room, or in the middle of the city, on the public space. The environmental code and the penal code punish the illegal dumping of waste in inappropriate places.

Review your options for anti-littering signage: 


1. The No Industrial Dumping Sign


The sign of prohibition of wild deposits made in series, in a classic way. Different manufacturers exist (Amazon here, Cdiscount here, Signals (professional equipment manufacturer here. 

Some examples:

Let's face it, no one reads them anymore, and even fewer people pay attention to them. Sometimes there are even reminders of the law. It is important to know that polluters do not pay much attention to this kind of sign, as for the reminder of the law, it is rare that polluters pay attention to it.

no dumping sign

No garbage on Amazon sign as an example.
The panel is industrialized, it costs on average about ten euros.

Sign on Cdiscount prohibiting the deposit of garbage

It costs an average of six-seven euros.

sign prohibiting the deposit of garbage

These actions are backed up by on-site posters put up by local authorities and syndicates (here, the Agglomération Dracénoise is an example). The idea is to really work on education, without forgetting to remind people of the fines.

poster prohibiting illegal dumping

3. Atypical signage for illegal dumping 

The easiest way is to take a classic sign and spice it up to catch people's eye. Problem? Not sure if it really works, but at least it makes people smile 🙂 Alternatively, if you like, you can take a look at the following cleaning tips. It's practical, common and really good.

WWF or other structures regularly make billboards or poster campaigns against illegal dumping. We have a real collection of them.

sign against illegal dumping

4. Reminders of fines, penalty sign

One technique is to recall the amount of the financial penalties. The problem? The real perpetrators know that they are rarely applied, because legal problems prevent them from doing so. So putting up a litter sign rarely pays off in the long term.

Listed buildings, historic monuments and site fences are subject to strict rules and penal sanctions for non-compliance with current standards. A penalty of €15 to €150 per day of delay may be imposed for failure to comply with standards and deadlines. In addition, failure to comply with standards relating to illegal billposting or irregular advertising may result in civil or criminal penalties, as well as a formal notice to remove the posters or advertisements. Failure to comply with regulations concerning the abandonment of waste or building sites can result in a fine of up to €150 per day. To inform the public of legal obligations and penalties, local authorities can put up hoardings or public signs.


Frequently it will be necessary to change the strategy.

5. And if we drop the warning, we move on to the penalty.

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