Patented control tool
against incivilities in co-ownership

Incivilities in a condominium can make living together unpleasant.
We help you to fight against these incivilities by protecting your privacy without going overboard.

Patented automatic system to fight against incivilities


Mobile, autonomous and invisible, our devices are effective in tracking down the perpetrators of incivilities.


Automatic Fighting Tool
against incivilities

Automatic, Privacy policy, Autonomous

Karroad has developed a tool to fight against incivilities
(illegal dumping of waste, vandalism, graffiti, urine in common areas).

The Karroad device comes alone.

Autonomous and privacy-protective, this system allows you to identify who is doing the incivility.

This system is patented.

Our solution is the only automatic detection solution against incivilities in condominiums.

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Vandalized gates, untimely deposits of garbage in incongruous places, unacceptable behaviors (urine, human or canine dejection), life in a condominium can bring its share of very unpleasant surprises.


Karroad offers an innovative and patented solution to help you stop illegal dumping once and for all.

Installing a Karroad system allows you to reduce the incivilities while respecting privacy, with the sole authorization of the Syndical Council.

Karroad has developed a tool to fight against illegal dumping of bulky items or waste.

The Karroad device comes alone.

Autonomous and privacy-protective, this system allows you to be alerted to incivilities and to know who did it.

This system is patented.

Our solution is the only automatic detection solution against incivilities in condominiums.




Indoor or outdoor

In your garbage room or in your green spaces



Karroad helps you to stop incivilities

Stopping uncivil behaviour

Our solutions are here to help you stop the constant incivilities. We're here to help you save time and focus on the important things.

Protecting privacy

Video surveillance is a good tool. To fight against incivilities, video surveillance is not a suitable tool. Our tools respect your privacy, your image will not be taken if you do not report incivility.

Improve the living environment

Your living environment is important: your condominium, your city are important elements. Our solutions are geared towards ensuring that these living environments are not soiled.

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The other solutions to the fight against incivilities

Video surveillance in co-ownership

The video surveillance cameras, or video protection are sometimes used against the fight against incivilities.

Installed in a co-ownership, a decision of the general assembly will have to be taken by a majority.

The installation of surveillance cameras is usually done by a video surveillance installer. They are generally IP cameras with the obligation of a declaration to the CNIL (the law has however changed recently). Be careful, video surveillance installers may not be aware of the law and may mislead you. In case of a problem, the co-ownership remains solely responsible for legal actions.

Setting up a surveillance system based on video surveillance cameras is indeed an invasion of privacy that must be proportionate. The video surveillance system will never be able to film the entrance of a home (protected in an indisputable way by the law). The syndic of co-ownership will have to be attentive to any failure on the subject.

The videos of video surveillance system will only be visible by the syndic (indeed, the syndic is the only real manager of the building, the union council is there to help him - the members of the union council will not be) and the causes of reading are specified. These precautions are there to avoid any action from the inhabitants (tenant, visitor, owner,..) in justice. A declaration with the cnil must be done.

It is advisable to discuss the implementation access to images . Also a prefectoral authorization for the video surveillance cameras (a Video surveillance system is a set of video surveillance cameras and related recorders). L' general assembly It is advisable to inform everyone by a message in the newspaper. It is advisable to inform everyone by a message in the mailbox and possibly include a mention in the co-ownership regulations for tenants.

For example, selective sorting is an important process for cleaning the premises and complying with technical regulations. Household waste must be correctly sorted and properly placed in closed and ventilated containers. A good policy of taking action is essential to avoid incidents and litigation. A good data protection policy and a lack of courtesy are not tolerated in any environment.

To summarize, video surveillance in a condominium in common areas is an interesting solution if the whole condominium agrees, if the numerous laws are respected and if the tenants or occupants agree. Numerous constraints apply (prohibition to film homes, entrance doors, ...) without which legal actions are foreseeable and winnable. The respect of the private life will have to be a constant concern.

Karroad is at your disposal if you want to know more about installing video surveillance cameras.


video protection against waste disposal

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